Friday Freebie - Skills: Handling swell: going out of the heads and offshore

From AUD $50.00
  • Location: Roseville, NSW
  • Product code: PP8PRJ
Friday Freebies are our free training sessions. 

If you have hired a boat, taken a boat-licence course or in some other way spent money with us, you will have an email with a Friday Freebie discount code. That code will get you a place on these sessions for a dollar, which we will either return to you at the training session or donate to Marine Rescue.

We collect the dollar so that we have your credit card details in case you cancel.

If you do cancel or are a no-show we will then charge the balance of the $50 per seat price.

Non-customers, or customers that have not spent money with us in a while, are most welcome to attend - their first session will cost them $50 and after their first session they will get a code and can attend future sessions at no cost.